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EveryCost Pricing Software

Dedicated project pricing software application EveryCost project pricing software

I've worked as a mechanical engineer since leaving university 20 years ago. I've worked across a number of industries including automotive, energy, research and packaging. During my career I've always looked for the most accurate and efficient ways to solve problems which has led me to develop and code apps in every position I have held. Some of the apps have been to calculate complex mathematical formula following industry standards and other apps have streamlined part creation and documentation systems. I have also created software that predicted and assessed extruder die wear and software to centralise the engineering data and documentation for large projects.

Since I started RadCreates I have developed a number of applications that allow me to confidently price up the products and services we offer.


One piece of software that has evolved from this is EveryCost. EveryCostis our proprietary pricing software. It can be used to price up a range of things, from cakes to candles to assembled mechanical devices and general maintenance jobs. It's been designed to be a completely standalone piece of software that gives a breakdown on the costs of producing and selling a product or service. EveryCostgives us a powerful, fast and reliable means of deciding the prices at which products are commercially viable.


This software is useful across a very wide range projects and was developed so that I could quickly check price points for our custom made products and make sure that they make commercial sense whether it be a direct sale or an online order through an esablished marketplace such as Etsy, Ebay or Amazon etc.


I now even use the software to price up DIY projects and other personal jobs I want to carry out around the home. 


Right now I have a version 1.0 available for windows and a mobile app version, called EveryCost, has been developed for Android and IOS. 

Some of the features that EveryCost has includes: -


  • Create as many inventories as you like. There are no limits, the inventories can be whatever you need from the items in your Kitchen to the materials in your Workshop.
  • Build Creations from the inventories you create. From baking a cake to building a shed you can create an items list for whatever you need.
  • Add labour and energy to your creations.
  • Analyse the pricing scenarios for whatever you need, whether selling through Etsy, eBay, Amazon or direct. You can tailor the pricing to cover the sales chanel you use. You can also use it to price up projects around the home or to check trade prices to make sure you are getting value for money and can budget accordingly.
  • Stack Creations,  Labour and Energy to get the true cost of products, covering everything, from concept to delivery.
  • EveryCost can also be used to calculate costs of labour and does not need to have items allocated against each creation. 
  • For food products EveryCost can calculate total calories and calories per portion.
  • Quickly visualise the main costs of your products/projects through the graphical outputs.

These just cover the main features of EveryCost when released. The software is continually being developed and new features added.



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