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Expert CAD services for 3D design and development

CheeseGoat App

Take away the guessing if you want to estimate how much something weighs. CheeseGoat gives you an ever expanding list of objects and materials from which you can work out their weight using a sliding scale to adjust their size. 
A fifty foot Styrofoam elephant? No problem. A 5 inch tall wax horse or a 2m tall dog made from granite? It's covered.
Cheesegoat also gives you the difference in weight when switching between materials. Perfect if you're working out how many helium balloons you'd need to lift a house.
Challenge yourself by guessing the answer to  randomly generated questions.
Using real material data and shape volumes, CheeseGoat can give you an accurate calculation for weight and height. There are a number of features and additional shapes and materials in the pipeline to be added in the future.

CheeseGoat was actually developed with a serious side. It uses real world data to calculate the weights of shapes and was put together as I was regularly asked how much certain objects would weigh coming out of our moulds. Whether they were made of Wax, Chocolate, Soap or anything else. I also needed to work these things out for myself when estimating the sizes of objects. As I created the app I also realised that it was actually quite fun and interesting to guess the weights of various things.

The name of the app was my sons idea and I think it fits.

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