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Expert CAD services for 3D design and development

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Unique products and services


We have made moulds and chocolates for a number of well known brands including including Mercedes F1, Grey Goose vodka, Selfridges. We have provided customisations to our in-house designed packaging to include our customers branding and we have supplied large quantities of our unique design chocolates.

Sugar free, naturally flavoured, lollipops


We have been experimenting with recipes and have just started making a new isomalt, sugar free lollipop. We use no colouring and just natural flavoring. They are suitable for diabetics as they contain no sugar. So far we have made lemon lollipops, they really are delicious, and we are working on expanding our range of available flavours. the lollipops come in the same designs as our chocolate lollies, as our silicone moulds can be used for high temperature applications. Great as wedding favours, party favours or just as a refreshing treat.

These will be available through our sister site




Isomalt, Suger Free, Sugarfree lolly Isomalt Paw Lolly

Using our Moulds


Our moulds are super easy to use. They are designed and made to hold their shape but still give plenty of flexibility to easily pop the item when it has set. Depending on the design, they also have a glossy finish. They can be washed in the dishwasher and used from temperatures below zero up to 270 Celsius. This means you can bake with them and cast boiled sweets. This is something that a lot of plastic moulds cannot do.

We’ve been using some of our moulds for years and they still look like new when looked after.


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