Some of Our New Designs, Ready for Christmas

Welcome to Radcreates


We specialise in designing and making high quality, custom, silicone moulds for: -


  • Food - chocolate, boiled sweets, baking, Icecream and lollies etc.
  • Candles,
  • Soap, solid shampoos and conditioners, moisturising bars,
  • Jewellery - casting resins, pewter (high temp silicone used) etc.
  • Plaster of paris,
  • Urethane, polyeseter and acrylic resins in addition to a range of others,
  • Anything else that requires a silicone mould.

Some of the features of our service include: -


  • A very wide range in size capabilities,
  • Full customisation - Emboss, full 3D, add text or logos, or all of the previous combined,
  • No minimum order quantity,
  • To lower costs further we have a standard size range of commonly requested sizes,
  • Completely Bespoke development if desired,
  • Cast only production for you to make your own moulds.


Please contact us and we will be happy to help



















We can work to any format of idea. A sketch, an image, even just an idea concept or a ready to go 3D model. Just ask, we are more than happy to help with whatever you require. 

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