Expert CAD services for 3D design and development
Expert CAD services for 3D design and development

Totally Bespoke and Unique Products


We specialise in producing products from custom designed moulds and casts for: -


  • Food - chocolate, boiled sweets, baking, Icecream and lollies etc.
  • Candles,
  • Soap, solid shampoos and conditioners, moisturising bars,
  • Jewellery - casting resins, pewter (high temp silicone used) etc.
  • Plaster of paris,
  • Urethane, polyeseter and acrylic resins in addition to a range of others,
  • Anything else that requires a silicone mould.

Some of the features of our service include: -



  • Bespoke end products, such as Chocolates, Confectionary, Candles, etc.
  • We can supply end products in bulk and have the flexibility to offer a very quick turnaround,
  • Cast only or 3D model production for you to make your own moulds,
  • 3D scanning of real objects,
  • Full customisation - Emboss, full 3D, add text or logos, or all of the previous combined,
  • Project development assistance.


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