About us

We are a small family business that design and make all sorts of moulds based on whatever you want or can think of. We make them from high quality food grade silicone and if you want a completely custom design, we aim to turn the idea/concept into a physical mould you can use in the shortest possible time, which is usually less than five days. Our moulds can be used in a wide range of applications such as, but not limited to, chocolates, boiled sweets, sugarcraft, ice, candles, soap, plaster of paris, hard plastics (urethane etc.). It is our aim to always strive to offer the best customer experience and quality of products.



You'll get the full support of a professionall engineer (CEng MIMechE) to meet your requirements with over twenty years of industrial experience to call upon.

For exclusive chocolates please visit our sister site RadChocs.co.uk or click the link below -

Chocolate Lovespoon designed and made in Wales Welsh Lovespoon